Custom PS5 Systems CANCELLED After Threats And A Big Game Release Is Finally Happening | News Wave

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The custom PS5 run of systems based around the upcoming anniversary hav strangely been cancelled after reportedly receiving threats from unhappy customers, but the whole situation is a bit weird. At long last Scott Pilgrim VS The World The Game is receiving a physical copy preserving a game that was once thought lost for good.

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00:00 - Start

00:57 - DSi Ware Games Return To eShop

2:05 - Monster Hunter Rise Demo Server Struggles

3:20 - Twitter Plays Pokemon

4:46 - PS5 Custom Edition Cancelled

9:25 - Scott Pilgrim Vs The World Physical Game

11:52 - Sony Removes VRR And ALLM From X900h

14:25 - Ask Iwata Book Releasing Outside Of Japan

16:35 - Comment Of The Day

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