DRAKKAR animation meme | Roblox Piggy (FLASH WARNING)

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my first edgy animation meme of 2021, and it has george pig? Epic.
The other character is Avi, thought I'd add her to my piggy meme instead of using a random roblox avatar!

Let me know if you catch all the references I included ;3
Flipaclip lagged a lot so it took awhile to finish, hope you enjoy! SmaSh that LikE and Subscribe butTon for more edgy memes, (pls I don't want to animate Roblox Adopt Me XD)

George (roblox piggy)
Avi (crazedcake)
Pedro/ Pony (roblox piggy)
Raze (roblox piggy)

Distrion & Electro-Light - Drakkar [NCS Release]
Inspired by: Kitty channel afnan
Original meme: Vicats

#animation #animationmeme #piggy #piggybook2

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