Gujarat Police ने Hizbul आतंकी बता पकड़ा था, अब कश्मीर लौटे NGO ऑफिसर की कहानी जानिए

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After 11 years of his arrest Bashir Ahmad Baba returned to his home. He was arrested by the Gujarat Police on terror charges in 2010. Bashir was a computer professional in a Gujrat based NGO. He was arrested and accused of a terror plot. Gujrat Police claimed that Baba was a Hijbul terrorist. Police also claimed that Baba was in constant contact with terrorist. On June 19th Vadodara court holding that the prosecution had failed to prove the allegations against Bashir Ahmad Baba under the UAPA. Bashir reached his house Srinagar on 23rd June. Let's watch the video

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