Movie Easter Eggs No One Noticed Until Later

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Some directors love to throw all kinds of extra treats into their movies for eagle-eyed fans. Many of these are discovered in the days and weeks after the movie's release, but others can go unnoticed for much longer. Here are some extremely well-hidden Easter eggs that you might have missed.

The films of Pixar Animation boast a universe of Easter eggs unto itself. The Pizza Planet truck from the first Pixar film, Toy Story, traditionally makes a subtle appearance in every movie from the studio. The code "A113" is another classic reference that continues to appear throughout Pixar films. It's a nod to a classroom number at CalArts, where many of the studio's animators went to school.

However, some of the other Easter eggs are a bit harder to spot, recognize, or even fully understand. For example, buried deep inside of Toy Story 4, there's a reference to the 2020 Pixar film Onward but it's a bit of a journey to discover it.

The strange thing is that Onward was released nearly a year after Toy Story 4 hit theaters in June 2019. It's an extremely tough Easter egg to notice, but in the film, Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and the whole gang end up at a fair. Later, in a mid-credit scene, there's a wide shot of the fairgrounds and it includes a bouncy castle with an illustration of pegasus, the mythical winged creature. It's the exact same image as the one painted on the side of the van used by the two adventurous elf brothers in Onward. Of course, there's no way viewers could have made this connection until a year after Toy Story 4 was released. Keep watching the video to see all the movie Easter eggs no one noticed until later.

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