NEW Foods At Universal Studios Hollywood You MUST Try 2021!

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Hey Magic Journeys

Join us today as we take you to Universal Studios Hollywood to show you some new foods at the park for 2021. Get ready as we show you some foods from The Three Broomsticks, The Minion Cafe and The Jurassic cafe. If you enjoy our videos be sure to subscribe.

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0:00 intro
1:12 New Minions Cafe
3:00 New Felonious Float
5:10 Parmesan Meatball Grilled Sandwich
6:26 Minions Banana Pudding
7:19 Universal Finally Opens Fun land Water Playground!
7:57 Fun Minions Banana Game
10:31 Hogsmeade
10:48 Dining in Hogsmeade The Three Broomsticks
12:28 Sticky Toffee pudding
13:49 Pumpkin Fizz
14:17 Freshly Baked Apple pie
15: 21 Pear Cider
16:10 Chocolate trifle
18:59 Checking Out The Lower Lot
20:30 Nintendo World
21:20 Jurassic World
22:19 Isla Nu-Bar
23:43 New Jurassic World Ipa
25:51 Jurassic Cafe
27:36 New Chocolate Tres Leches Cake
25:15 New Raptor Refresher
29:28 Jurassic Outfitters
29:48 Jurassic World Ride
34:55 Mummy Eats
35:01 New Korean Corndog
36:19 Outro
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