New Version of Game Pass Coming?

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A recent interview with Xbox boss Phil Spencer has revealed new insight into Microsoft's plans xCloud, Game Pass, and payment plans for new hardware. Two major points of interest are the possibility of a tiered Game Pass program that would allow players to pay a subscription fee to obtain a brand new Xbox instead of paying for it entirely upfront and the idea that an Xbox or xCloud TV streaming stick may be coming to fruition soon.

Of course, there are more than just cloudy speculations and big ideas about Xbox this week so get comfy and let's collect the rest of this week’s video game news!

PS5 units have been released into the wild for early access folks, Ghost of Tsushima devs are staffing up for a sequel, Kojima productions have confirmed a new game, and some pretty talented ex-Blizzard vets have formed their own studio! Some more surprises this week in the coming soon section and Brian gets salty for this week’s 5-second review.

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