Roblox Family Travel Routine - Goldie & Titi Games Airplane Roleplay

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The Robox Family packs their bags and heads to the airport for a Travel morning routine! Goldie and Titi are going on a vacation! Our last vacation didn't go as planned so we decided to try again! We miss our first flight but still have a fun time on the airplane. We go through Mexico, Italy, and Japan! I lost Goldie along the way! or so I
Join Titi & Goldie for another fun story ! This family friendly episode is funny and fun.
When Goldie and Titi are on vacation funny things happen.
If you want to watch more fun videos of Titi and Goldie, you can find them here in the links, or go to our youtube channel and look at the videos.
We love playing Bloxburg, Adopt Me, role play, and just have fun.
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