Roblox Piggy - Pony Joins TSP Again?! - Book 2 Chapter 5 Animation Roleplay Viewer Theories

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In Roblox Piggy Book 2 Chapter 4, Willow captured Pony, Georgie, Mimi and Giraffy and put them in a jail cell. In this new Roblox Piggy Book 2 Chapter 5 cutscene animation theory, the good guys escape through a manhole which can be seen in the corner. Zee and Zuzy helped Pony, Georgie, Mimi and Giraffy escape from Willow and the TSP, but Zee and Zuzy got separated from the others in the sewers. Pony, Georgie, Mimi and Giraffy look for the twins but soon discover Willow and the other TSP members have captured them. Willow was going to drop Zee and Zuzy in the potion, but Tigry showed up to fight the TSP. Willow ended up falling in the potion, but now she's become something much worse! Pony and Tigry end up at the Refinery map to find Willow's secret journal. Inside is the location of Zizzy. The good guys got past a lot of infected, but things don't go to plan when they try to leave! Infected Willow is back and bigger than ever! The good guys had to escape in a huge car chase versus the TSP! Now, I animate some of my viewers theories to see which ones are the best!

Here's more about my last Piggy animation series:
In this Roblox Piggy short movie animation series, Willow asked Zizzy where to find the Maple Donut's Hideout to uncover its secrets. Zizzy battled Willow to save her friends from The Silver Paw (TSP), but Willow got the best of Zizzy. It looked like Zizzy was doomed, but Pony came to her rescue! Zizzy and Pony had to battle the TSP together, but there were too many of them! Zizzy ran away to find help, but Pony was captured by Willow and TSP. Zizzy returned with help to save Pony before it was too late. Then, Zizzy woke up and realised it was all a bad dream. Zizzy's still at the Refinery and is infected. The story continued when Pony, Mimi, Giraffy, George, Zee and Zuzzy heard a voice over the radio which mentioned a cure. Pony decided to investigate, but went alone in case it's a trap. He met up with MegaSquadMo and they decided to team up to find the cure. They made it to Hillwood, but the whole town was overrun by Soldier Piggy's. Zee and Zuzy helped them escape in a helicopter! Now they have to continue their mission to save Zizzy, but they run in to an old P! For those who don't know, Minitoon tweeted an image of the new skin design for Mr P in Roblox Piggy. The new Mr p is purple and wears a suit, a monocle and a new hat with a flower which is a nice nod to Mrs P. He also carries a cane/walking stick. What do you think think happens next? Let me know in the comments and Subscribe if you'd like to see the next part!

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