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Savage Gringo - A drifter helps a ranch couple fend off the approaches of a ruthless landowner.

Savage Gringo (1966)
Directors: Antonio Román (as Anthony Roman), Mario Bava (uncredited)
Writers: Jesús Navarro Carrión (story) (as Jesus Navarro), Antonio Román (story) (as Antonio Roman)
Stars: Ken Clark, Yvonne Bastien, Piero Lulli
Genres: Action | Western
Country: Italy | Spain
Language: English
Release Date: 6 December 1966 (West Germany)
Also Known As: Savage Gringo
Filming Locations: Elios Studios, Rome, Lazio, Italy

A laconic drifter, who calls himself Nebraska, is hired as a ranch hand by Marthy Hillman and his wife Kay who are under pressure from a ruthless landowner, named Bill Carson, who extorts money from the ranchers. When Carson sets his sights on Kay, Nebraska eventually decides not to stay out of it and plans to save Hillman from Carson's men and rescue Kay.

"This review is of the pan-and-scan AIP-TV version of this film, called SAVAGE GRINGO. I taped it off TV about 20 years ago. I liked it then, and I like it now just having re-watched it. The few references to this film I've seen note that Mario Bava took over the direction from Antonio Roman, who is solely credited on the copy I have of this film, and then fault the film because it has few if any distinctively Bava touches in it. If you are looking for an Italian western that is to the genre what HERCULES IN THE HAUNTED WORLD is to sword-and-sandal films, look elsewhere, as you won't get it here. With so many Italian westerns having so many odd cinematic techniques used in them, SAVAGE GRINGO is actually quite conventional. Perhaps Bava simply just did a professional job on this and did NOT see it as an auteur piece on which he would put his personal stamp or with which he would make some statement about life and art. He had already worked with Ken Clark previously in ROAD TO FORT ALAMO/ ARIZONA BILL (a film which DID have a number of Bava touches to it)--perhaps that was one reason he was asked to complete this film? In any event, Clark is fantastic in this role. He is tall and athletic and one of the better American actors to work in the spaghetti western genre--it's a shame he only made two. His character NEBRASKA is fascinating although enigmatic, and creates a warmth and passion in the role. He's also VERY quick with a gun and it's exciting to see him come out of the woodwork in the blink of an eye and blow someone away. Personally, I don't have a problem with his motivations never being clearly stated--isn't that a little bit like real life? While we have a feeling that Nebraska will win in the end, we don't really know HOW he will get to that point or what barriers he will face along the way, so I don't see that as causing any lack of suspense. The suspense is caused by wondering how the situation got to the point it did--who exactly is Kay? Why does she point out that she's not married to Marty, and if not, what exactly is going on here? How did this Bill Carter get to be running things? What's Nebraska's perspective on this? In a way, the film plays against our expectations of what we expect from other films. Judged solely as a spaghetti western, NOT as a Mario Bava film, I've got to give this an above average rating." Written by django-1 on

Also Known As (AKA):
(original title): Ringo del Nebraska
Austria: Nebraska Jim
Belgium (Flemish title): De dollars van Nebraska
Belgium (French title): Les dollars du Nebraska
Brazil: Gringo Selvagem
France: Les dollars du Nebraska
Greece (transliterated title): Nebraska, o pistolero
Hungary: Gyorsabb a golyónál
India (English title): Ringo Del Nebraska
Japan (Japanese title): ネブラスカの一匹狼
Mexico: Gringo salvaje
Norway: Revolvermannen Ringo Nebraska
Spain (short title): Ringo de Nebraska
Spain: Ringo de Nebraska (El rancho maldito)
Spain: Ringo de Nebraska
Spain (alternative title): El rancho maldito
Turkey (Turkish title): Ringo Kanunsuzlar Diyari
USA (alternative title): Gunman Called Nebraska
USA: Ringo from Nebraska
USA: Savage Gringo
West Germany: Nebraska-Jim
Savage Gringo


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